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You Get What You Charge For
You Get What You Charge For

A friend of mine was tweeting about a shot of hers being used for a magazine cover and was rightly very pleased with herself.  I was pleased for her as well as covers are among the most profitable sales you can get for a photograph so tweeted back that it would be a nice little […]

Maxïmo Park live at Liverpool University

It wasn’t looking good, it was 7:30pm and it had already taken over 30 minutes to get from the M6 to the M62 (it’s only a quarter of a mile of slip road between the two) and I was still 20 miles or so away from Liverpool and the venue where Maxïmo Park would be […]

copyright grabs, time to stand up?

Anyone shooting bands will  – or should be – familiar with the issue of copyright grabs.  Those sneaky little release forms that you’re sometimes asked to sign on your way into the venue that try to get you to sign over copyright to all your images to the band in question.  The issue was highlighted […]

It’s been a while…

Things have been a bit hectic over the last month or so, not least because when the snows came, my car decided it was far too cold and spent most of the month in the garage having some long overdue maintenance done. I’m not one for letting little details like a lack of transport get […]

Another Iconic Venue In Trouble

I’m stunned, The Princess Charlotte, or more commonly The Charlotte in Leicester has been put into administration today by it’s bosses and could face closure in as little as two weeks if new backers cannot be found. Bosses are blaming their plight on falling audience numbers and losing major bands to bigger venues in nearby […]

Mimi Soya at The Shed Leicester

Leicester missed out last night!  There were four up and coming bands, loads of good music, good beer and a headline act that could teach Paramore what pop-punk should really sound like. Unfortunately for whatever reason, it seemed the only people to see the show were the bands themselves, a handful of locals, the staff […]

Unashamedly Pop and I Love It!

I was down in London last week for the last gig of the year from unsigned pop outfit Bo Pepper. Seemingly universally adored by the press and fans alike, Bo Pepper combine innocently catchy hooks with the kind of observant, barbed lyrics you would expect from the likes of The Beautiful South or more recently […]

ShredYrFace at Liverpool Academy 2, 15-10-2008

Jose Gonzalez was playing at Liverpool Academy tonight, but for me it wasn’t going to be about intricate guitar playing, it was all about the shredding. Taking a round the world trip from the furious riffs pumped out by Times New Viking, a wander through the intense sounds of No Age to the dazzling fun […]

In The City 2008

I have to confess, I love living near Manchester! It’s hard as a Geordie to admit it and Newcastle will always be my first city but the influence Manchester had on the music I grew up listening to has secured it a special place in my heart. A key factor in that musical influence was […]

Black Kids? They’re no Los Campesinos!

When I first heard the Black Kids debut track – “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You”, I was really excited. They had that same “instant smile on your face, feeling like summer” sound that I love about Los Campesinos and Delays. I checked them out on Myspace and have to […]