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How To Make An Impact On Your First Gig

It’s not just the music that people go to gigs for but it’s a fair comment to say that a lot of up and coming bands (as well as some successful bands)  forget that.  I remember seeing the Verve on the main stage at the V festival a decade or so ago.  Musically they were […]

You Get What You Charge For
You Get What You Charge For

A friend of mine was tweeting about a shot of hers being used for a magazine cover and was rightly very pleased with herself.  I was pleased for her as well as covers are among the most profitable sales you can get for a photograph so tweeted back that it would be a nice little […]

copyright grabs, time to stand up?

Anyone shooting bands will  – or should be – familiar with the issue of copyright grabs.  Those sneaky little release forms that you’re sometimes asked to sign on your way into the venue that try to get you to sign over copyright to all your images to the band in question.  The issue was highlighted […]

Another Iconic Venue In Trouble

I’m stunned, The Princess Charlotte, or more commonly The Charlotte in Leicester has been put into administration today by it’s bosses and could face closure in as little as two weeks if new backers cannot be found. Bosses are blaming their plight on falling audience numbers and losing major bands to bigger venues in nearby […]