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Maxïmo Park live at Liverpool University

It wasn’t looking good, it was 7:30pm and it had already taken over 30 minutes to get from the M6 to the M62 (it’s only a quarter of a mile of slip road between the two) and I was still 20 miles or so away from Liverpool and the venue where Maxïmo Park would be playing later that night. Once I was on the M62 my heart sank as I quickly realised the motorway was completely closed due to an accident – it was going to be one of those nights.

Fortunately once off the motorway everyone else seemed to be taking a different detour to me.  Once I was back on the go things seemed to run in my favour and I made it to Liverpool University just moments after the opening act third song.  I hadn’t heard of these guys before but after last night’s performance I’ll be watching out for them touring.  Lead singer Rebekah Raa has a haunting voice you’re unlikely to forget and with a variety of influences including The Sugarcubes and Bow Wow Wow add them to your watch list now.

Next up were the , I saw them in Camden last year (on the Camden Crawl) and since then they’ve gone from strength to strength with the success of “Don’t Upset the Rhythm”.  Their second album “Wild Young Hearts” is a regular on my playlist and if you haven’t already bought it then what are you waiting for?  From the moment they took to the stage lead singer and bassist Shingai Shoniwa bounced around the stage and had the complete attention of everyone in the room.  Unfortunately while lead guitarist Dan Smith and Drummer Jamie Morrison were bathed in light, Shingai dodged the spotlights for the most of the the three songs I could shoot.  There are a few good shots in there but they’re going to take a little more editing than normal so watch this space.

The other album that has dominated my playlist this week is “Quicken the Heart”, the latest album from fellow Geordies Maxïmo Park – I’ll ignore the fact that lead singer Paul Smith is a Smoggie.  I’ve followed this band for a few years now, after first hearing their single “Graffiti” on the Zane Low Radio1 show.  I’ve probably seen them six or seven times now but so far hadn’t had the opportunity to photograph them.  I only got to hear the first three tracks (usual rules) before us ‘togs were escorted out but I’m happy to say they’re still the same great band I first saw at the Old Market in Brighton.  I’ve got the shots and now can’t wait to enjoy the show in full next week at Manchester Academy.


BANDS: Maxïmo Park – Images by mike gatiss