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Unashamedly Pop and I Love It!

I was down in London last week for the last gig of the year from unsigned pop outfit Bo Pepper.

Seemingly universally adored by the press and fans alike, Bo Pepper combine innocently catchy hooks with the kind of observant, barbed lyrics you would expect from the likes of The Beautiful South or more recently Kate Nash. This is a band that will be going places and are well worth catching as soon as you can.

Bo Pepper live at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen

photographers notes

Hoxton Bar and Kitchen isn’t the easiest venue I’ve photographed in, on the plus side there is a distinct lack of LED lighting – they use traditional cans. However they are right above the performers so the lighting switches from brightly lit to deep shadow very quickly as the artists move backwards and forwards on the stage. Speaking of the stage, it’s quite a high one – about 4 foot or so – which means if you’re down the front you’re shooting up at the performers, I got better results backing off a bit so I could shoot at a less severe angle.