photograph of Fyfe Dangerfield performing live at the Deaf Institute Manchester
Fyfe Dangerfield Live at The Deaf Institute, Manchester, 19-01-2010

It takes all sorts to be successful in the music business; some get by with a mediocre voice and average performance with exceptional lyrics to carry them, with others it’s all about the show.  Every now and then though you get reminded that what counts most is the music.  Tonight was one of those nights when you couldn’t help but be touched by music and song so exquisitely performed that a full room stands in rapt silence.

Playing in Manchester on an evening when City and United were going head to head may not be the best idea a promoter has ever had but no-one was disappointed (well apart from a United fan here and there after losing 2-1 to local rivals City).  Opening the show was front man Conor J O’Brien playing a solo acoustic set without the support of his band Villagers.  So far he and his band are relatively unknown unless you’ve managed to catch his acerbic wit paired with a voice capable of unbelievable purity supporting the likes of Neil Young and Tracey Chapman.  With a single and an EP already under his belt and an album on the way, you’re sure to be hearing more of this incredible talent in 2010.

Another front man going without his usual supporting band was tonight’s main attraction and surely the man with the coolest name in music, Guillemots front man, Fyfe Dangerfield.  If you haven’t heard his debut solo album “Fly Yellow Moon”, get your backside over to his MySpace page to listen to the streaming tracks.  Looking slightly nervous without fellow Guillies Aristazabal and co. on stage to back him up, Fyfe took us through the full range of human emotions from the joy of “She Needs Me” to the yearning of “If The World Ends”  and every step between was a perfectly formed piece of pop.  Even technical hitches couldn’t distract the audience and his final encore of Guillemots classic “Made Up Lovesong #43” on ukulele was the perfect finish to a great night.

BANDS: Fyfe Dangerfield – Images by mike gatiss

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