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Bloc Party live at Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, 14-10-2009

Without a new album to promote some might question the reason for Bloc Party’s Bloctober tour, not the fans though.  They turned out in their droves to see the band in action and weren’t disappointed.

Looking as if he’s spent the year or so in the gym beefing up for the tour and sporting a new badass shaved head, Kele Okereke looked chilled and well up for the show.

Launching into One Month Off, Bloc Party wasted no time in getting the crowd going, following up with “Waiting For The 7.18” and then sending them into a frenzy with “Mercury”.

Sadly after the show news spread that Bloc Party’s future is less than certain.  Combined with the bands cancellation of their Newport gig due to Guitarist Russell Lissack needing to undergo an unavoidable medical procedure the fans are getting understandably twitchy.  Here’s wishing Russell a speedy recovery and the band some well earned R&R after this mammoth 20 date tour.

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